A Nose Thread Lift Can Give You a Slimmer, More Defined Nose


Nose thread lift is a non-invasive and effective treatment to achieve slimmer and more defined nose features. TGA-approved PDO threads act as scaffolding to lift and reshape your nose for improved looks. Look into the Best info about لیفت با نخ.

This treatment is quick, cost-effective, and provides immediate results.


PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are medical-grade materials designed to be safely utilized during cosmetic nose procedures. Inserted using a tiny needle, they should cause minimal pain before slowly being absorbed by the body over time. However, improper training of healthcare practitioners performing nose thread lift procedures could lead to nodule formation, skin dimpling, or even extrusion (sutures poking through from beneath the surface of the skin).

Thread nose lifts can help correct a flat nasal bridge, add projection to the tip of the nose, or lift its tip – ideal for those wanting minor changes without opting for surgical rhinoplasty.

To make sure you are comfortable throughout the treatment, your doctor will provide a little local anesthetic prior to starting the process. When the area has become numb, they will insert threads to straighten and lift your nose – the number will be determined through consultation with you beforehand.

Nose thread lifts are quick and non-invasive procedures that can be completed within an hour, earning it the name “lunchtime nose job.” Since no downtime is needed for these treatments, their instantaneous results often provide instant gratification. You could have soreness, bruises, or swelling after treatment; these side effects should go away in a few days to a few weeks.

Minimal Recovery Time

An hour is all that is needed for recovery after a minimally invasive operation like a nose thread lift, as opposed to months for more invasive procedures like surgical rhinoplasty. Utilizing dissolvable threads to smooth and elevate the tip of the nose without leaving behind scars or bumps, in fact, patients can often return to work immediately post-procedure.

Before your procedure begins, you will meet with your practitioner to discuss what kind of look you wish to achieve and determine if this treatment is the appropriate choice for you. Once this discussion has concluded, a topical anesthetic will be applied topically before puncturing a small hole through your skin in order to insert a cannula with multidirectional barbed threads attached, which hook onto your skin for a more natural-looking lift.

After treatment, you should protect the skin by avoiding sudden temperature shifts (like going from sauna to cold temperatures), smoking, and excessive drinking, as these can rob it of oxygen, leading to complications and leaving some swelling and bruising behind. You can resume everyday life once this has subsided.

Instant Results

An effective nose thread lift procedure can be performed quickly and painlessly by your physician for immediate results that can improve drooping or flat nasal bridge, add projection to the tip of the nose, or correct other imperfections in its appearance.

The procedure involves numbing your face before creating entry points for threads to enter through needle-sized holes using needle-sized threads inserted by a special surgical needle. Horizontally aligned threads for height can then be vertically lifted from their placement between nostrils with delicate stitches to create desired changes.

Once threads are in place, they start stimulating your body’s production of collagen, which supports them for long-term, natural-looking results. Plus, the treatment is reversible, so if something goes awry, you can easily take it off!

However, you should avoid getting a nose thread lift if you have had radiation to your nose in the past or are pregnant/breastfeeding. Furthermore, getting one could increase the risk of having an allergy or active infection in that area.

When considering a nose thread lift, you must work with an experienced physician who possesses comprehensive knowledge in this area. A skilled practitioner will be able to offer you a 3D simulation of what the procedure will entail and answer any of your queries regarding how your nose will appear after.


Nose thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that’s safer than nose fillers, with no general anesthesia required, and often completed within 30 minutes. Plus, its PDO threads can be adjusted over time to adapt your results for maximum effect!

However, there are risks associated with this procedure. First of all, an improper application could hit an artery and result in tissue death. Second, over-insertion could create unsightly skin dimpling effects – something nose thread lifts do not address breathing issues directly compared to surgery rhinoplasty would address more effectively.

To reduce your risk of complications during and after any cosmetic procedure, it’s wise to stop taking blood-thinning supplements two weeks prior. In addition, extreme temperature changes should also be avoided to minimize swelling and bruising, and refrain from rubbing your face for some days post-treatment – this can interfere with healing processes; otherwise, you should be able to return immediately to daily activities, although pain and bruising might persist for some days or weeks post procedure – over-the-counter analgesic can help manage discomfort if necessary.

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