Below the window, a fire escape ladder can be set up.


Every year, campaigns highlight the various fire-prevention measures that can be installed in a home. Replacement window installations are ideal for including a permanent, portable ladder.

With winter quickly approaching, it’s good that October is dedicated to fire safety every year. Injuries and fatalities from house fires are most common in the colder months. Surprised? The other data on house fires is almost as alarming, though:

More people die in flames in their homes yearly than in any other natural disaster.

An average of one house fire occurs every 80 seconds in the United States.

• A person has only thirty seconds to figure out how to get out of danger.

A house fire can become uncontrollable in as few as three minutes.

• The average response time for a fire department is 6 minutes.

These numbers aren’t meant to scare you; instead, they’re meant to encourage you to develop a fire safety strategy appropriate for your house and family. It’s simple to implement and has four steps: avoidance, detection, suppression, and evasion.


Common sense should prevail when it comes to fire prevention measures. Don’t walk away from burning candles, for instance. Never leave lighters or matches where youngsters can find them.

Keep all fuels, including gasoline and kerosene, in a secure outdoor storage container, and keep any flammable substances, including some cleaning products, away from the stove.

Occasionally, you should check your baseboard heaters and remove any debris that may have landed on or around them. Always remember to turn off space heaters when you leave the room or go to sleep.


Every single dwelling needs to have a smoke alarm installed. Place a smoke alarm outside each bedroom and ensure there is at least one on each house floor.

Don’t forget about your smoke alarms when thinking about maintenance! Check the functionality of all of your smoke detectors. Batteries should be checked at least once every six months. When a smoke alarm reaches the 10-year mark, it should be replaced.

Finally, ensure the alarm is loud enough to get people up and that everyone in the household knows how it sounds. Nighttime fires are the leading cause of fire-related fatalities.


When a fire breaks out, it’s imperative that you put out the flames as soon as possible. Fire sprinklers and fire extinguishers are two types of suppression systems that can be found in most modern buildings. In high-risk locations like the kitchen, always have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Sprinklers are a practical addition to any home. The fast response time of fire sprinkler systems significantly reduces the fire’s heat, flames, and smoke, giving you and your family more time to escape.

Remember that oxygen is the lifeblood of a fire, and always exit smoke- or fire-filled rooms from the outside. The fire and smoke will be contained for longer this way. This buys you and your loved ones more time to go to safety.


In the event of a fire, the primary objective of any fire escape plan is to evacuate everyone from the building safely. That merely necessitates a little forethought: prepare two or three escape routes out of the house, draw out a map, post copies in each bedroom, and drill everyone on the routes. Hold fire drills regularly. Drill leaving the house using each of your escape routes.

Consider installing a permanent escape ladder if your home has a second or third level (where bedrooms are typically located). A permanent escape ladder, like the PEARL Escape And Rescue Ladder, is a unit that is neatly fitted into the wall below the inside sill of a window, as opposed to being a movable ladder.

You may open the container, toss the lightweight yet durable ladder over the edge, and climb down to safety. It’s simple enough for a kid to set up but sturdy enough to hold several grownups. And because it is always there, you will never waste time tracking down a ladder when needed.

Make regular use of the fixed ladder in your practice routine. Ensure that everyone in the family, especially the kids, knows how to get out of a burning building quickly, safely, and independently. In the event of a fire in the house, make sure your kids know to get out and not to hide from the fire department or any other emergency personnel.

The National Fire Protection Association has information and a downloadable fire escape plan template to help you develop your fire safety plan. Even if you never experience a fire, having a strategy to protect yourself against one can help ease your mind.

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