Ernest Small Paving


Ernest Small Paving offers residential and commercial paving solutions in Buckhannon, WV, with honesty, quality work, and competitive prices. It is the best guide to finding Hometown Asphalt Paving in Ontario.

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Experience is of the utmost importance when hiring a paving company, so make sure that when searching for one, you conduct research into their business history and hear what their past clients think of them. In addition, make sure the chosen paving company has experience working on projects similar to your own; this can prevent issues in the future should repairs need to be made due to improper work being performed.

Reputable asphalt contractors should be licensed and insured to protect you in case of problems, boast a strong reputation, and provide quality work at reasonable rates. You can research their reputation online through reviews or by getting referrals from friends or family; ensure you request written estimates prior to making any decisions.

When searching for a paving contractor, make sure they offer high-quality service and satisfy their clients. Make sure they possess all of the equipment they require to do their jobs properly. It would also be beneficial if they have both residential and commercial paving experience, as this will yield more excellent results while saving you money over time.


Paving contractors must obtain a license to operate in their jurisdiction. Furthermore, they should carry insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage—this is particularly essential as paving contractors often operate heavy equipment with hazardous materials and must protect themselves and their customers from potential injuries.

Referrals from trusted sources are the key to finding an honest asphalt paving company. Real estate agents, home renovators, and commercial construction companies all keep lists of recommended paving companies in their address books, which they often refer clients to when selling or building homes. You could also consult your homeowner’s association, which often keeps a long list of licensed and insured contractors who have performed work at local homes and public areas in your community.

Paving contractors need both licensing and financial resources to run an effective business. A business plan helps organize all elements of their operations and offers a roadmap over time. It should include information about your paving company and the services offered. It could even include details on accepting credit and debit card payments—saving on processing fees while improving credit scores simultaneously!


Paving contractors specialize in designing and constructing pavement surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, driveways, and concrete floors for homes and businesses. They also install paving stones and other landscaping materials to add aesthetic or functional value to properties and enhance outdoor experiences.

Paving companies require unique insurance requirements. Their business often uses heavy equipment and hazardous materials that could pose a potential danger on client sites where accidents could happen. A general liability policy covers damages from property damage, bodily injury, or copyright infringement caused by their business; for more extensive protection, a business owner’s policy (BOP) could combine both forms of coverage more cost-effectively.

Paving companies frequently need commercial umbrella insurance, which provides additional limits to their general liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto policies. This type of policy is beneficial for contractors with contracts requiring higher limits.

Residence paving and masonry projects can be costly for homeowners. Financing solutions allow them to complete these projects without paying the entire cost upfront, saving both time and money while speeding up home improvement plans. Some paving companies even provide financing solutions for small businesses and commercial clients.


Paving companies rely on specialized equipment to complete various jobs efficiently and accurately, including asphalt pavers and screeds that enable contractors to lay pavement quickly and accurately. Regular cleaning, lubricating, and inspection of this machinery are essential for it to operate at its optimal performance.

According to LeeBoy service manager Mark Bolick, contractors need to carefully consider their longer-term business goals when selecting an equipment purchase. These include how many tons of asphalt they plan on laying daily and whether or not the machine offers performance capabilities and an increase in resale value. They should also assess the machine’s capabilities, performance characteristics, and resale value before making their choice.

Small paving companies can typically purchase tilt hopper or gravity-fed pavers that can handle 100 to 150 tons per day, according to Bolick. However, larger projects may necessitate conveyor-fed pavers capable of processing 500 tons or more daily asphalt production.

Small paving companies often own multiple pieces of equipment to meet varying job site conditions, from high-speed paving on highways to new construction and commercial projects. Furthermore, a fleet of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, and skid steers, must be kept on hand – either rented locally from rental centers or purchased new or secondhand.