Guidelines for Selecting a Reliable HVAC Installation Service


Selecting an HVAC contractor can be done in several ways. I suggest double-checking the following:

Before hiring a company to install your air conditioner, you should verify that they have the necessary licensing and insurance. Although many businesses today boast they are “licensed and insured,” I want to see this information in writing. The business needs the correct license to apply for permits and have them inspected by the local municipality. In addition, having the proper licensing demonstrates that the organization has the necessary expertise to perform the work.

Please verify that the air conditioning contractor you hire has liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage in case his employees are injured while installing your air conditioner. If something happened during the air conditioning installation to your home or to one of the contractor’s personnel, you would be covered by this insurance. I need everything to be documented in some form. If something goes wrong while the contractor works on your home, your homeowner’s insurance or you could be held responsible.

Inquire about the employment and screening procedures the company uses. You should try to find an employer who verifies applicant identities and conducts yearly drug tests. It’s helpful for me to know what kind of folks will be stopping by my place. Many independent firms don’t have formalized procedures for selecting new staff. The question of who you would let into your home is forced upon you. Don’t forget to inquire about references from other clients who had similar air conditioning work done by the provider. You must collect their number and contact the client immediately. You can learn a lot about the contractor installing your air conditioner if you ask the testimonial a few questions about their experience. If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest checking out the level of craftsmanship in person.

In addition, I suggest checking out the BBB online. Now all you need to do is type in a contractor’s phone number to see if they pass muster. If the company is a member, you can read about any complaints lodged against it and the outcome of such complaints. What this reveals about a company’s business practices is invaluable. An often overlooked red flag is whether or not a corporation lists a physical address and, even better, an office there. Many freelancers operate out of post office boxes. What do you do if you have an issue with your air conditioner after its installation? They can’t be found anywhere. Another indicator that you are working with a reputable firm is the time it has been in operation. The company should have a website where customers can find out more about the business in this day and age. This is something to think about before making a decision.

Checking with their office staff to see how your air conditioner installation records are preserved and maintained in case you need them in the future is the final information you will need to make an informed decision and put everything together. How many service specialists are on staff if you experience any warranty problems or need your system repaired in the future? In light of this, the adage “You get what you pay for” rings more accurate than ever. When comparing quotes for a new AC system, keep in mind the reasons above why another contractor may be more cost-effective. Is he truly more cost-effective than everyone else? Before making a final choice, make sure you’ve looked into as many of the factors above as possible.

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