How to Play Gartic Phone


Jackbox games fans will appreciate Gartic Phone as an amusing new way to interact with each other online. This site takes classic telephone games to new levels with 13 game modes! Select the best Free Online Games.

Each player writes an amusing sentence; then others draw pictures based on this one sentence – creating some hilarious drawings! This can make for some very funny illustrations!


Garlic Phone is a social game featuring multiple modes based on classic telephone play – Normal Mode, Knock-Off Mode, Animation Mode, Secret Game Modes, and others can be chosen. Players may even create their customized game mode! Designed as a modern adaptation of this timeless classic phone game, and can accommodate up to 30 players simultaneously at any time!

This browser-based game is entirely free to play and offers users several different playing options: anonymous users can sign in through Twitch or Discord; once signed in, they can choose an anonymous username to begin their experience; signing in allows them to select a nickname before starting gameplay; users may also take advantage of translators for playing other languages if needed. Onrizon Social Games developed and launched their game in 2020 – quickly becoming a hit ever since!


Garlic Phone is an online party game similar to the telephone. It offers various presets and game modes and the opportunity to create a custom game with up to 13 players.

This game is incredibly entertaining! The rules are straightforward, making it the ideal way to break the ice between friends. Furthermore, its simple approach makes it suitable for anyone interested in drawing. Even if you don’t consider yourself an accomplished artist, it’s still fun witnessing humorous miscommunication.

Played like Pictionary with some telephone game elements added, each round takes approximately 10-15 minutes and requires at least three people per round to guess the topic being described to another player, who then draws it for other players to guess it correctly.


Garlic Phone is an engaging group game to help assemble and form connections among members of an organization. With customizable presets that let you personalize gameplay, this device has 13 modes that range from drawing and guessing games to icebreaker questions – perfect for group interactions!

Under normal preset conditions, one player will type an amusing sentence. At the same time, the second will attempt to create an image corresponding with that text as much as possible – this may result in hilariously confusing results, but that’s part of the fun!

This activity is an ideal icebreaker for teams that may not yet know each other well and helps break down barriers between employees or colleagues.

Languages supported

Garlic Phone is an interactive game that brings classic telephone gameplay into the digital age, free for everyone to play in multiple languages and featuring different Presets that change game rules – Animation and Ice Breaker modes are especially great ways for players to have fun together!

Garlic Phone is an engaging party game for up to 30 players that uses a similar concept as Pictionary; players draw drawings that represent what was given as prompts. There are 13 unique game modes to keep participants engaged; each boasts its way of keeping participants interested and playing along!

Getting started

Garlic Phone is a free browser-based party game that takes the classic telephone game to new fun levels. With up to 30 players at once and featuring 13 unique game modes, Gartic Phone has quickly become one of the hottest digital trends among party games; its hilarious miscommunications will make you laugh out loud!

Start by inviting your friends to a voice call through Discord or Zoom; once everyone has connected, you can select a mode and click “START.” Depending on the game mode chosen, you can either play as anonymous users or log into Twitch/Discord as authenticated users if desired.

Multiple game modes exist, including standard, knock-off, secret, and animation. Each offers its distinct take on traditional drawing games; you could even try sandwich mode, which requires you to draw from start to finish!

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