How to Use the 3 Top Link Popularity & Video Marketing Strategies for YouTube


YouTube is one of the best marketing platforms available today for business owners marketing their goods and services online. You can see from the website that it receives a tremendous amount of targeted traffic for a wide range of keywords and topics. Helpful Recommendations for youtube promotion.

What matters is that you typically combine specific strategies to attract traffic to your website, sales pages, and product offerings. It makes no difference what your target niche is.

Some of the best YouTube marketing advice includes:

  • Keyword techniques
  • showing the URL of your website
  • your URL being displayed on other videos

Here, I’ll go over both of these in a little more detail:

1. Keyword techniques

Using the right keywords to draw your target niche audience to your product offerings is one of the most crucial marketing strategies you must use with any online marketing. You should invest some time using online resources, such as the Google keyword tool, to discover the terms your target market uses to search for goods and services similar to what you provide. After you have chosen a smaller number of words to use, you should try to come up with no more than 20 to 50 words and phrases.

Avoid attempting to use every single word and phrase at once; instead, pick one or two targeted keywords for each piece of content you publish online. Then, prominently display these words at the beginning of your content’s title and throughout the body of your writing. Ensure you don’t repeat any specific words or phrases within the scope by using them more than once every 100 words. The word count function of your word processor can be used to calculate your keyword frequency.

When you know how many words are in your content, use Find to look for the word or phrase you want to target and count how many times it appears in the text. You can calculate a percentage by dividing the word count by the smaller keyword frequency number. Because most top article directories do not permit it, you want to be sure that your targeted words do not make up more than 2% to 6% of your overall workout. In addition, because of the overuse of your comments in that content, Google may decide not to index it.

2. Displaying the URL of your website

The ability to enter the URL of your website or another webpage you want to link to a video on YouTube is another benefit of the service. Make sure to document the correct URL when uploading a video properly.

3. Linking to your website from other videos

Having your website’s URL listed on another video that is getting a lot of views is one of the newest ways to market your website and sales page on YouTube. Look for videos on this website that don’t have a URL listed beneath them by performing a search. Finding the person who uploaded the video is simple, and you can email them to ask if they would be interested in adding your website URL beneath their video. The videos with over 100,000 views for your targeted keywords are the ones you want to target.

You will typically have to pay a video owner $20–$25 to do this. Now that you think about it, 5000 unique visitors would still visit your website if you received 5% of the traffic that views that video. If you had a well-written sales page offering a good or service for sale and successfully sold 10% of those visitors on a good or service costs $50, you would make $25,000. Not too shabby for $25 spent. Imagine carrying out this task ten times.

You owe it to yourself and your company’s financial future to learn everything you can about Internet marketing if you’re looking to draw in new clients and increase your online visibility and exposure.

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