Instructions for Replacing Your Current Bathtub with a New, Fancy Spa Tub


The invention of the spa tub was a stroke of genius. They are an excellent way to unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis, sports injuries, or just a day of hard work, your body will appreciate the relief the jets and ergonomic designs provide. Putting a spa tub in your own bathroom is a big project, but it’s not impossible.

Choosing a New Hot Tub Spa

The first thing you should do while looking for a new bathtub is measure the available floor space. Because spa tubs are often larger than regular tubs, some alterations to the bathroom will likely be necessary. Knocking down partitions or other structural features could be necessary or desirable. However, you should know which walls sustain weight and how much room you have available. It would be foolish to pick a bathtub that would dwarf the bathroom it would be installed in. Ensure the tub will fit into the bathroom by measuring not just the room itself but also the door leading into the bathroom and any other doors, corridors, or tight corners in the path from the front of the house to the bathroom.

The exciting part comes next. Go window shopping at a hardware or specialty shop. Identify your expectations and needs for the new bath. Stores often have tubs available for customers to try out by getting in. If you have any questions or concerns, the salesman can provide a wealth of information regarding each model.


It can be quite a chore to get rid of an old bathtub. The tub itself might be cumbersome and should have been fastened in place more reliably. Several plumbing fixtures are already installed, so be wary of those. (Turn off the water supply to the room before you start!)

The old tub must be removed entirely because the new one is larger. You’ll need to take up any existing flooring to make room for the new tub. This may be tiles, laminate, or nothing at all. You may have decided to knock down some walls or make other changes. Scraping, prying, and removing the old stuff could require specialized equipment.

Ensure the area is clean and debris-free before beginning installation (find out about disposal options from a local waste management business).

Setting Up A New Bathtub

Setting up requires more than one person. Because of its size and weight, you’ll need assistance getting the new tub into its intended spot. A licensed plumber should be considered to ensure that all pipes are securely fastened and connected. Doing so will prevent issues and let you enjoy your new spa tub without worrying about water damage.

After the plumbing has been run and the tub installed, it must be sealed. This is why it’s essential to use a clear waterproof caulk. It aids in preventing the tub from moving around. It protects the unseen areas of the bathroom against water damage by sealing the tub’s seams to the floor and walls.

Flooring and wall covering reinstallation will likely be the final step in this remodeling. You can either replace them at once or choose new ones with the existing decor.

Relax in your brand-new spa tub and enjoy its soothing jets and bubbles. The results are always worth the effort, but the job usually takes at least a weekend and is too complicated to undertake yourself.

If you want to improve your home’s look, security, and value, you should contact a local construction business.

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