Lighter blocks facilitate glass window installation.


Is installing glass block windows daunting because you are concerned about the blocks’ potential heaviness? Stop worrying; I have an answer for you. The window assembly is now lighter and safer thanks to the 2″ thick blocks formed into vinyl frames. Five suggestions for installing a vinyl framed block window are provided.

First, decide where in your home the window will be installed. – Most people don’t realize all how glass block windows can be put to good use. Here are some frequent (and more unusual) applications to think about:

You can get maximum light into your bathroom without spending a fortune on blinds or window treatments by installing this kind of window in your shower or bathroom. Take advantage of this shower’s window as a low-maintenance way to bring light into the space.
Cost-effective and highly secure basements are often used for this purpose.
Put these windows in your den’s lower cabinets to let in light and air while keeping your space private.
Do you have trouble seeing things clearly in your closet because of the single bulb above it? A block transom window can be installed permanently near the top of the closet walls to solve this problem. Even those who are colorblind will be aided by this in their search for the perfect pair of blue socks.
Garage—Natural light is excellent for working on tasks, and the block glass gives you peace of mind about the safety of any expensive tools or supplies you keep in there.
A block window between the counter and the cabinets in the kitchen can let in natural light and serve as an attractive, low-maintenance backsplash.
Second, decide if you want framed or frameless windows. Only a vinyl framed system can accommodate the thinner, lighter glass block windows. Vinyl framed systems are lighter and easier to work with but aren’t always the best option. Here are some situations that call for either the framed or frameless systems:

Use vinyl-framed windows in wood-framed (rough) openings whose measurements are compatible with those of the 2-inch-thick blocks (the blocks are 8 inches by 8 inches by 2 inches. Hence the rough openings must be in 8-inch increments). These windows (with convenient nailing fins) find widespread application in framed and stucco openings on higher floors and in new construction and room extensions.
Unframed block windows are typically less expensive than the framed method and work well in brick openings where they may be mortared in situ. These windows come in thicker 3″ and 4″ blocks. The unframed variety of windows also has the benefit of coming in a broader variety of block sizes (the most popular of which are 4″ x 8″, 6″ x 6″, 6″ x 8″, and 8″ x 8″), allowing for the creation of window construction panels in increments of 2″. The unframed technique is used for the majority of basement window installations.
Step 3: Confirm the window’s durability; not all glass block windows with vinyl frames are created equal. It’s essential to pick a window that can resist severe weather. The best windows are constructed with a vinyl stacking spacing system between the blocks, which results in increased wind load capabilities, decreased water penetration risks, and increased resistance to impact.

Step 4: Customize your windows to your specifications by adding colored, frosted, or engraved blocks. Glass blocks come in many colors and textures, including frosted, engraved, and transparent varieties. Mulia Inc.’s 2″ series of lighter blocks has two discreet designs: the Wave and the Iceberg. Frames in white and almond are also on hand.

Fifth, if the window doesn’t work, you must find him or her not guilty. Using a block window for construction’s not always the best option. An acrylic block window is a good option if you want a window with complete operability but still want the aesthetic and privacy benefits of blocks. Single-hung, sliders, casements, awnings, and hoppers are just a few opening types that may be found in this kind of window.

Thanks to these five tips, you may now order your lighter vinyl-framed glass block window with confidence.

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