New Entry Door Prices and Installation


A new door installation will likely cost you several hundred dollars, at the very least. In exchange for a guaranteed minimum price, certain door manufacturers and distributors may install doors at a discount. Prehung doors may start at $150, with more premium ones costing 15% to 20% more. The price increases when a door has to be hung from scratch.

Don’t get a door made to order if you want to save money. Many companies produce doors, and each one often offers dozens of distinct styles. However, a showroom typically only presents a small selection of available styles. Stock items typically cost half as much as those on particular orders, if not less. What you save money on, you give up freedom.

Set up the prehung door frames on your own. The old door and jamb must be taken out first. No literal “hanging” is required because the new unit consists of the door, hinges, jamb, and insulation. The only tricky part is installing the lock or handles. If you aren’t confident in your ability, a handyman can be hired to assist you.

The best option is to hire a professional door installer at your earliest convenience. The apparent ease of this task should not be underestimated. But getting the doors properly hinged and functioning takes a lot of practice.

Invest in a door that has already been prehung. The framing, hinges, and weather stripping are all installed and ready to go. It’s more convenient and inexpensive to set up.

When Do I Need These Add-Ons?


Hinges are included with prehung doors. If not, you’ll have to go out and get some more.
Hinge materials include solid brass, steel, and steel with brass plating. The best and most expensive hinges are made of solid brass but are also the most expensive. (Oxidation may cause them to change color, but this is easily remedied. But they won’t rust or stop working because of the weather.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the old door hinges will work. You can toss them out. The hinges are usually the originals from when the house was constructed and are made of brass. The plating is guaranteed if any rust appears. It’s not a good idea to mess with the hinges because they might be sprung.

More hinges are always preferable to less. The optimal number of hinges for a front door is four. However, three is sufficient.


There is a plethora of door hardware to choose from. The time and effort required to clean the components of a project made of solid brass, notwithstanding its high cost and pleasing appearance. Stainless steel with brass plating is my preference. They may rust over time, but they are significantly cheaper to replace after five or ten years than solid brass. Hardware will set you back at least $75. (Cheaper products rust quickly, are more challenging to set up, and don’t look as well.)

For added safety, install a deadbolt and a regular door lock. You get what you pay for. In most cases, you get what you pay for regarding quality and safety. When I first moved into my current home, the previous owner had installed a cheap, $10 door lock. I broke the lock on the door because I lost the key and didn’t want to damage the pricey window. The hammer blow drove it flying, and the door swung open. What a waste of money on cheap locks.

Keyed deadbolts are available from some manufacturers. It’s an evil plan; in some places, it might even be against the law. There’s a risk of being trapped inside if a fire breaks out and you don’t have the inside key.


A viewer (also known as a peephole) is unnecessary when a door has glass panels installed. However, it’s a benefit in situations where safety is paramount. The average price is $5.

Panels, Sides

Two 12-inch side panels are needed to convert 30-inch doors into 36-inch ones. These generally come with glass inserts and are designed to fit the door. Both left, and right-hand side panels are readily available.

Prehung door sets typically include side panels, but you can purchase them separately. Choose the prehung option. Setting up is a breeze, and the result looks more excellent than the alternative.

Sealing the Cracks

All weather stripping should be supplied with a prehung door. If not, you must set up the hardware separately from the door. Take caution. The process isn’t always as simple as it seems. Weather stripping can be a pain to install correctly, so doors close smoothly and securely.

The same level of imagination and care required to decorate a child’s bedroom is also required to create a comfortable outdoor living space in your garden.

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