Numerology and Life Paths; Precisely your ‘Path’


Ever have got someone come up to you and enquires about the age-old question; “What’s your Sign? ” This specific classic pick-up line has been used by a whole generation of fellows trying to pick up girls: with mixed results. Should you ladies want a really good return for them, or if you are a very sensitive guy who wants something new to use for an old but well-known phrase, try asking them regarding Numerology’s equivalent to Astrology signals; “What’s your Path? ”

Life Path – Your key number in Numerology

Your lifetime Path is your main variety in Numerology; It indicates what opportunities will come to you, and where your main plus points and abilities lie. They have calculated using the Fadic supplement. This is the process of adding along your meaningful numbers, in addition to reducing the result to a sole digit.

We do this recursively. As an example, let’s calculate Anthony Depp’s Life Path. Depp was born on June ninth, 1963; so first we all add together the calendar month, day, and year regarding his birth; then we all add together the individual numbers of the sum to get (25), and finally, we sum the particular (2) digits of the total (25) to get a single number (7).

6 + on the lookout for + 1963 = 78; 1 + 9 and up. 7 + 8 sama dengan 25; 2 + a few = (7)

So Ashton Depp has a Life Journey of (7).

There are (9) major Life Paths that usually everyone fits into. There is also a couple of sub-paths corresponding to the Grasp Numbers (11) in Life journey (2), and (22) within Path (4). But, these are generally sub-categories of the major Existence paths. I’ve listed these below with brief information and a few famous people in each and every Life Path.

Life Path (1) the Path of the Boss

In this Life, your goal shall be self-sufficient and stand on your two feet. These people dwell to take Action in their Life. Really motivated and focused, they are ambitious; they also don’t have advice well. They also have to help struggle with being perfectionists, instead of being able to tolerate any weaknesses in their own work.

Life Path (2) the Path with the Cooperator

In this Life, your aim is to master the proficiency of cooperation. These people include great sympathy for the inner thoughts of others. They are normal diplomats and always work towards giving up on problems between folks. They are honest and modest and tend to inspire individuals around them. These people have some difficulties in competitive situations or handling time pressure properly.

Life Path (3) the way of the Entertainer

In this Existence, your goal is to entertain other folks and make them happy. These folks crave love and interest and tend to use their own sharp wit and brilliant imagination to get it. These folks seem to live a thrilling life, getting all the fortunate breaks and attracting prosperity and prosperity with small effort. They cannot handle apathy, and fear of being on their own. They also tend to have problems coping with their funds wisely.

Life Path (4) the Path on the Builder

In this Life, while you make money is to build a life’s job based on your own work along with sound effort. These people are painstaking planners, thrifty, and practical, along with the love to see the results of their unique efforts. They are also very old-fashioned in their thinking and be short of flexibility in their thinking. They often times fear new and untested ideas.

Life Path (5) the Path of the Seller

With this Life, your goal is to make freedom by bringing about enhancements made to both your own life and the lives around you. These folks love change for it can own sake. They are flexible, adaptable, and multi-talented; in short, they are born salesmen. These people flourish on competition and stress to succeed. Risk-taking along with a wild lifestyle can be trouble for them.

Life Path (6) the Path of the Teacher

Within this Life, your goal is to produce balance and responsibility in your own life, and in individuals around you. These people love splendour, harmony, and personal peace. They can be trustworthy, loyal, and apparently draw life’s responsibilities for you to themselves. These people hate injustice and love fair participation. They tend to meddle excessively in their friends’ lives, along with worry too much over simple things.

Life Path (7) the Path of the Loner

In this Life, your goal is to find out things through personal expertise. These people are individualists and need the perfect time to themselves daily to stay satisfied. They have great powers involving intuition and strong power of reason. These people are perfectionists, and hate to work upon other people’s schedules. There are also difficulties taking advice from anyone, and a strong detest of manual labour.

Life Path (8) the Path of the Soldier

In this Life, your goal would be to set small goals, after which achieve them through fight or struggle. These people like the struggle for power that fulfils their lives. They may be strong, tough, and callous in the pursuit of their objectives. Success does not come simply for these people, they must attain their own goals through struggle. These are the beast of the business setting. These people also tend to have trouble showing affection for you to loved ones and balancing their very own careers and domestic existence.

Life Path (9) the way of the Humanitarian

In this Lifestyle, your goal is to show concern for the world. These people desire to change the world and make the idea better for everyone. They are charming and creative as is appropriate for someone with such complex goals. These people are frequently interested in positions of leadership throughout great causes, or non-secular sects. They are also tolerant of the needs and desires of others. These folks can also be hot-tempered whenever their causes are vulnerable or put down. They are also not really usually good detail individuals.


Regardless of the Life Route, you were born with, each is equally valid, with training that should be embraced and discovered to the best of our capability. All of us have talents as well as abilities that we should learn how to use to give our lives which means and to make the world a better area.

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