The Best Option Is a Metal or Steel Roof


A metal roof can cost twice as much as an asphalt one, so why would anyone sane choose it? Although many asphalt roofing businesses are skilled at arguing the material’s merits, it initially appears to be a waste of money. The decision to purchase an asphalt roof rather than a permanent one can be justified solely based on cost considerations. The best guide to finding metal roofing suppliers.

If there is no way to borrow the necessary funds, the asphalt roof, which is less expensive up front, will have to do. Although asphalt roofs are cheaper initially, they cost much more because they need to be replaced every 8-10 years.

Most insurance companies have set guidelines after being burned so heavily in previous years by fast-degrading asphalt shingles. It used to be that a “25-year” asphalt shingle would last 25 years due to its asbestos foundation. Modern asphalt shingles are made with a fiberglass basis, so they don’t hold up well in harsh climates like Canada’s. On a roof with a pitch of 6/12 or less, even the most expensive 50-year asphalt shingles will decay after 8 to 10 years.

The insurance business was caught off guard when water began seeping through and destroying subflooring and, in many cases, the interiors of homes. Realizing this, rather than the three feet of ice and water barrier mandated by law, new regulations required vapor barriers to cover the whole roof before installation. Only honest roofers follow this standard; the rest of the industry continues to deliver subpar results. What is the point when a roofing firm completely covers a roof with a vapor barrier? Why would they spend more money than they needed to?

If you compare the cost of a professionally installed asphalt roof to that of a similar-grade metal roof, you’ll find that the latter is significantly more expensive. If you do the arithmetic, you know that no asphalt roof has more than ten years of lifespan. A ten-year-old asphalt roof will not only look horrible but will have deteriorated to the point of compromise on the south side of the house where the sun bakes it. Because they didn’t read the acceptable language, their 25- or 35-year shingle warranty became worthless after only eight years.

The typical non-prorated transferable warranty for a high-quality metal roof is 50 years. Five or six asphalt roofs would have to be replaced throughout the warranty period. The former would be the more affordable option if an asphalt roof costs $10,000 and a metal roof costs $20,000. A new asphalt roof will be necessary within the next decade. An inflation of 3% takes $10,000.00 and makes it $13,000.00. While metal has stayed put at $20,000, the price of asphalt has risen to $23,000.

High-quality metal roofs are coated to reflect heat and ultraviolet rays, lowering cooling expenses by making the air conditioner less active. These roofs can avoid up to 25% of annual energy costs. Assuming yearly savings of $5000 after ten years, the actual cost of a metal roof would be $15,000. With 40 years on the non-prorated warranty, the savings in just ten years is $5,000.00. There will be a need for at least four more asphalt roofs. Essentially, $13,000.00 is flushed down the toilet as it grows to $17,000.00, then $21,000.00, and so on. The sum is mind-boggling. Consumers who are too stupid to research ensure a steady cash stream for the asphalt roofing industry.

Financing is available from any leading metal roofing provider, and all the loans are interest-free and fully amortizable at any time. Some companies may even let you put off your initial payment for up to a year. Most loans will have terms of 10 or 15 years, making the monthly payment very cheap and affordable. Those who choose this method won’t have to dig into their finances to have a shiny new permanent roof. However, asphalt roofers only sometimes extend credit because the roof will likely be replaced before the debt is paid off.

So why would a rational person pay more for a metal roof?

They won’t have to worry about another roofing selection for the rest of their lives.

They, and any future homeowners, will enjoy significant cost savings.

Third, the house will be more pleasant, especially in the upstairs bedrooms, where the temperature and energy costs will be controlled.

Fourth, insurance premiums tend to fall.

The home’s curb appeal will immediately increase and look beautiful for years.

No ice, water, or raccoons (or other critters) will ever be a problem.

Additional factors must be considered, such as the urban heat island effect, climate change, recycling, etc., but the logic behind the choice must be supported. The advantages described below may not apply to most metal roofs because of their differences in design and construction. The finest and most expensive roofs can only make these claims. The cost should be the last consideration when making a choice. Prepare yourself with information to guarantee a positive outcome.

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