Top 5 Genres of Action Games


Action games are truly captivating experiences – punching armed guards to the ground while your character yells, ‘Shut up and take this!’ is sheer brilliance! An exceptionally fantastic fact about LOLBeans.

Armored robots shatter as porcelain and legless droids charge at you from behind as you aim for a concealed position, giving this roguelike a real sense of violence with every limb that snaps off or head that gets crushed.


Adventure games are genres that emphasize exploration, puzzle-solving, and character interaction. Early adventure titles were text-based; later ones utilized graphics with point-and-click interfaces like Zork, King’s Quest, Monkey Island, Myst, and Syberia, being good examples.

Adventure games can help kids develop cognitive and social abilities by making sound decisions in challenging scenarios presented to their character and engaging with virtual players and other entities within the gaming environment.

Some adventure games allow the player to choose whether their choices affect the story’s outcome, though this is rare; Detroit: Become Human and Myst are among the few exceptions where this occurs. Others use branching narratives so the player can select different determinants that alter game events through dialogue or quick time events that immerse the player further into its world and atmosphere.


Shooter games are one of the top-selling video game genres, with violent and first-person shooters being some of the highest-selling titles. While action entertainment genres such as shooters may be associated with increased aggression and violence, they can help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and spatial skills essential in school and work environments. Studies have also demonstrated how video gaming improves visual tracking memory – useful when attending lectures – though too much gaming may lead to distraction, impulsivity, aggression, and anger issues.

Action RPG

Action RPGs offer players many benefits. They can provide players with weapon upgrades and abilities to battle various enemies. Furthermore, many offer quests or puzzles to complete during combat, allowing players to stop for breathers during intense action, review battlefield conditions, change tactics as needed, or regroup their strategies before continuing the fight.

These games combine RPG mechanics with real-time action, often featuring melee hack-and-slash or action shooter combat. Experience points are more often awarded for leveling up than stat-based systems in other RPGs; nonetheless, traditional character progression elements remain.

One such title is Dragon Slayer, often considered the founder of the action RPG genre. It combines elements of hack-and-slash gameplay with other classic game styles like Sokoban-like block-pushing mazes, dungeon crawling, and mobile homes that you can push around!


Team sports games typically entail simulating or replicating the practice of particular sports for entertainment. Arch Rivals and NBA Jam are great examples of this video game genre, while Madden NFL seeks to replicate actual sporting events realistically.

These fast-paced action games teach players to quickly recognize patterns in their environment, building metacognitive skills that can be applied to classroom learning and outside of it. Studies have also indicated that playing action video games helps enhance your ability to acquire new information, and its benefits increase with the frequency of play.

Studies suggest that while it can be tempting to binge on these high-intensity titles, short doses of gaming may be more effective for therapeutic and training effects than prolonged gameplay sessions. Furthermore, too much action may have detrimental health outcomes. Therefore, take a break from these addictive games and experience something else!

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