Which Slot Cars Can Be Used on a 1:32 Scale Track?


Slot cars come in various scales, and the advent of computerized slot racing systems in the last five years has made choosing a slot car problematic. However, we trust this guide has answered some of your questions. The Amazing fact about slotxo.

Slot car makers have attempted to standardize their vehicles in the United Kingdom and Europe. As a result, the most common car size is 1:32. The following businesses manufacture products on this site.

Scalextric (UK)
Ninco (Spain)
NSR (Italy)
Slot. it (Italy)
Carrera (Austria)

The manufacturers each give something unique to the market, not just the type of car they produce.

Carrera manufactures vehicles in a variety of scales ranging from 1:24 to 1:43. 132 Evolution and 132 Digital are the names of the 1:32 model ranges. Their track is slightly wider than the others and is intended to accommodate vehicles up to 1:24 scale. Carrera slots are excellent value for money and are beautifully completed with attention to detail.

Carrera Digital uses a separate operating system from Scalextric, but their vehicles can be converted to Scalextric Digital. We would advise against converting their F1 vehicles because the conversion requires advanced modeling abilities. Carrera slots have a different guide that allows their products to function on various tracks. To replace the directory, remove the current direction and insert the Scalextric one; the conversion is complete.

The drivers prefer NSR cars. They are not cheap, but their products are pure thoroughbreds built to compete, and all NSR products are made for speed. They have a limited number of vehicle styles to choose from, but each car usually has a variety of motor configurations. Various replacements are available to help you get the most out of their products.

Scalextric is a well-known and well-loved company in the United Kingdom. All cars listed above will work on Scalextric tracks and vice versa on Ninco and Carrera tracks. Scalextric cars appear in a variety of styles. First, they sell various highly detailed cars, which are inappropriate for younger children due to their fragility.

The F1 vehicles are the most delicate in this class. Their second vehicle style is their robust range, which comes in two varieties. First, there are plain-colored vehicles that are the most affordable, and then there is usually a more colorful racing livery with more detail. Because of their simplified design, powerful cars do not have lights.

Now that digital racing has been around for a while, most Scalextric cars have DPR chassis that allows for the easy installation of a digital plug. This takes about 60 seconds to finish, and you only need a small Phillips screwdriver. Overall, Scalextric cars are good value for money, and there is a large selection of cars to choose from when deciding which car type to compete.

Slot. It offers a comparable car to NSR but is designed for more serious racers. Their vehicle lineup is primarily inspired by Le Man’s cars from the late 1960s. Slot-it vehicles are finished to a better standard than NSR cars and are more affordable to home racers. Slot. Its cars have a digital chip that can change your vehicles to the Scalextric digital system, persuading many home users to buy this brand.

Ninco slot vehicles are available in two sizes. They make their standard scale of 1:32, with three car models in this scale. Ninco 1 is their budget vehicle line, which lacks detail and lights but is more affordable. The standard Ninco car range is made with exceptional attention to precision and finish.

We’ve covered the most popular slot car brands accessible in the UK. Numerous other businesses provide additional car and feature variations. So, if the cars do not function on your layout, you can convert them to a digital setup that will operate on your track. Cars can be restored with a soldering iron and basic modeling abilities. Numerous sources of guidance and advice are available on forums and from slot car owners.

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