Appointment the Millennium Development Targets – Information Technology As a Application For Development


As standard to my write highs, I try to reflect on various issues concerning Nigeria and the rest of the developing (sounding cynical; underdeveloped) economies. Grow older are still struggling to meet up with the rest of the world, mainly the Gulf, on every issue that ok bye development of values. Laying credit to this fact can be seen in the best way we use the internet, the GSM communication system, and every innovation primarily based on Information Technology. Now back to the issue, this gave rise to the Millennium Development Targets (MDG). To know about Smart & Dynamic Information Technology, click here

The Millennium Improvement Goals are set regarding eight point Agenda lined up by the United Nations to see underdeveloped members with a reduced Human Development Index (HDI) and low per-household income (as most of these nations around the world live an average of a money a day) to become manufactured by the target year 2015.

The motion was adopted simply by 149 leaders from various areas of the Globe and by 189 countries in the year 2050. These agendas or targets were derived from the Un Millennium Declaration given the many problems still plaguing the particular developing world

The centuries Development Goals are the tour’s answer and targets addressing extreme poverty in several dimensions:: income, lower income; lack of adequate shelter, food cravings; and disease, among others, while promoting Education, gender agreement, and environmental sustainability.

Currently, to the crux of the topic, these millennium goals check out our peculiar situations and conditions; how can they be attained? Now we are in the age of information as such; it can be inherent that we look at how we can, as nations, nevertheless are

reckoned in the universe economy, use the information at our disposal to make that a reality by the target calendar year 2015. The internet, GSM Technological know-how, etc., have come to outstanding us. Information technology remains to be the only veritable tool that they can use to usher in a completely new dawn where the essential people right, such as the rights of a person on the planet too, well-being, Education, shelter, security, and safety, as well as gender equality and also empowerment of women can be gained on a platter.

It has been pointed out that countries like China and also India inundated with human population explosion but embraced the particular IT idea as the simply veritable tool to enhance their specific human development, have viewed a geometric increase in their per capita income and total human development index, available statistics and other forms of info and economic indicators can easily lay credence to this truth.

Now if I may digress a bit, I’ll state the following that for the millennium desired goals to be achieved by Nigeria and the rest of the developing companies, urgent steps should be taken to implement the following:
computer literacy programs beginning from guardería to all levels of the individual’s improvement
funding of information technology academies by the Government as well as privately owned sector
Partnering with produced nations by encouraging trade programs mainly at the tertiary institution level, increased money in medical research as well as other IT-based medical plans

The agricultural sector must experience an increment in funding for all its plans, especially IT-based experiments, to report a massive production for neighborhood consumption and export.

Often the menace faced by the prude as a result of hunger and specifications, HIV/AIDS pandemic, depletion connected with renewable energy and resources, etcetera, can be addressed as stated down below if information Technology can be boosted in every facet of our economic system and the general polity.
SPECIFICATIONS AND HUNGER ERADICATION: Specifications and hunger remain the main scourge ravaging the African continent, however with the advancement of technological know-how, information technology, and the Online, food produced in the United States, Nova Scotia, Europe, and the Asian Tigers can be quickly sent to South Africa and other parts of the world everywhere it is needed. During conflicts and strife, like seasoned in the Nigerian/Biafran war, which lasted between 1967-1970, there was a lack of food and medical attention, most notably on the Biafran side because of an information blockade from the Nigerian Government.

But with the advance of Information technology, no matter where these kinds of problems are, the satellites may pick up signals and therefore carry out all that is required to be done to lower the issues associated with lack of as well as other supplements. As a regional importer based in Nigeria or some part of the developing world, you may get hooked up with ample-time growers based in Europe or the Usa, etc., via the internet over the company’s website and email address contact info.

Agricultural produce can be exported, saving the cost which would have been spent initially on airfare tickets, hotel booking, reservation, taxes, etc. Also, does not include the role of the medium, which significantly saves the buying price of production and importation.

HIV/AIDS (PLWHA): The HIV/AIDS outbreak currently pervading the African continent having Nigeria and South Africa, looking India that order, is usually deduced from a lack of ample information, but with the new development as regards information technology, the scourge can be well booked.

The introduction of mobile clinics along with diagnostic centers whose pursuits in remote and antique areas most significantly, was made probable by the information technology phenomenon when a doctor in a faraway medical clinic, for example, a doctor at Ruben Hopkins University hospital in the United States could with the use of sophisticated gadgets analyze and cure patients through a satellite and a modem put in both at the clinic in us and the remote location. With this development, HIV/AIDS patients or maybe PLWHA (PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS) and other deadly illnesses can be managed, as the constraint brought on by distance has been removed using the advancement in Information Technology.

ENERGY AND ENERGY: As part of the Centuries Development Goals of the Un, power and other renewable types of energy have been understudied in the last decade or so; since fossil fuel deposits continue to diminish with replenishing, it becomes essential for countries whose financial systems are centered on it to advance and diversify their economy to be one of the leagues of nations with high human being development index, and if you need to ask, how else could this be achieved if not by simply information technology.

Recently a group of researchers built an automobile that can be powered by air, incredible this might sound like one of the wonders of IT. Far more discoveries and innovations will be made, as earlier developments like space science have improved virtually all sectors of the economy of Nations like the Us, Russia, and Europe throughout medicine, telecommunication, military, and so forth.

From the going, a single cannot overemphasize the importance of it as a tool for man and resources development, just like the industrial revolution of the eighteenth century that ushered in the new dawn that has always been evergreen in the annals associated with the history, so will it produce a distinctive and indelible mark that will remain classic in the sands of time.

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