Custom Audio and Interior Trim for a Hummer H2


H2 Hummer from 2006

The 2006 Hummer H2 was taken from its original configuration and given a custom leather interior and JL Audio sound system as part of this project. Let’s talk about some of the setups…

We began by gutting the inside. We’re getting a head start on the project by focusing on the interior because of how long it will take. It’s also valid for the project’s conclusion that waiting for components wastes time. Once the seats were off, we could get to the seat heaters by removing the old leather coverings. We also began cutting out a pattern for the new leather. The audio system and the seats are upholstered in luxurious black leather. The headrests and the audio rack also feature white stitching and bespoke embroidery. We installed LED mood lighting under the seats and in the amplifier rack. The final product featured brand-new leather seats, an LED interior light system, an LED mood light system under the seats and on the amplifier rack, a Kenwood DNX 9960 head unit, two 6-inch displays in the headrests, a 10-inch monitor on the amplifier rack, a bass control on the dashboard, and a push-to-talk GPS. Our tweeters were mounted on the door pillars, and JL Evolution C5 component speakers were installed in each door.

After stripping down the interior, we can go to the bespoke audio enclosure. The sub-box and amplifier racks need to be discussed. The subwoofers should be your priority; we’re using two 12″W7 subs from JL Audio, each of which requires a sealed box with a volume of 1.375 cubic feet. The customer in this vehicle requested the sealed box because they desired an additional “punch” or “kick” from the bass.

In this case, we utilized MDF with a thickness of. Seventy-five inches for the sides and 1.25 inches for the top of the box. Once you’ve constructed your sub-enclosure to the appropriate dimensions, you’ll know how much space you have for additional components. The mock-up of the amplifier rack can begin once the sub-box has been installed. First, you need to decide how you want them to sit and appear, and then you can construct a stable mounting system.

When attaching the sub-bow and amplifier rack, take great care to avoid damaging them. In the event of an abrupt stop or accident, they may cause catastrophic injury if they are not correctly fastened. To be safe, we always secure the sub-enclosure to the vehicle with bolts. Add Dynomat or any other necessary soundproofing materials now. It’s time to pull and start wiring now that you’ve constructed your sub-box and amp display.

The drivers and tweeters in this installation were connected with 16-gauge wire, while the crossover and amplifier used 14-gauge wire. The Stinger RCA 6-channel audio and 2-video cables are up next. We used a 0 AWG Stinger power cable for the amplifier rack’s power supply and 4 AWG for the ground. We installed a 250 amp inline fuse beside our Stinger sound system’s battery. (In the event of a short power line, the fuse should be located as close to the battery as practicable.

We’ve finished running most of the wire and put in a Viper auto starter and security system. It is recommended that you hire a professional if this is the first time you’ve attempted an installation of this nature. Remember that most cars will need extra electronic modules to replace the radio and code the keys. You can’t just plug in a radio and call it a day. Problems arise when it is not carried out correctly. Our H2 required the installation of 5 different gadgets to get the auto start, steering wheel controls, Sirius radio, and onboard computer working correctly. We perform a complete test now that the wiring is finished and everything is connected before we reassemble. Any newly installed devices need to be programmed now. Once you’ve confirmed that everything is functioning as it should, it’s time to restart the car.

We may now begin replacing and reinstalling the seat leathers in the automobile, as the system has been thoroughly tested. After reassembling everything, we can set it up or fine-tune it to maximize its potential, but please remember that this work requires expertise. Customs at SAS

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