Electric Boat Rentals – Eco-Friendly and Serene


Explore Newport Beach Harbor with an eco-friendly electric boat rental, creating unforgettable memories with friends and family while protecting the environment. Select the best sailing yachts charters Malta.

Discover a whole new way of experiencing water with Vision Electric Boat Rental’s Duffy boats from Lido Marina Village. These stylish yet easy-to-drive boats don’t require a license and provide an unforgettable aquatic adventure!


Electric boat rentals offer an eco-friendly alternative, producing zero emissions and providing a quieter, more relaxing experience without disturbing wildlife or disrupting habitats.

Electric boats make for an exciting boating adventure for families or groups of friends alike, offering plush seating and other amenities to maximize comfort and enjoyment. Many rental companies provide these boats to enhance your boating adventure experience!

OC Boat Rentals of Newport Beach, California, is one of the leading providers of electric boat rentals. Their colorful pink Duffy boats are an excellent way to explore Newport’s harbor and shoreline while listening to your favorite tunes through a sound system; additionally, each boat comes equipped with a canopy sunshade for extra protection from weather elements and lithium-ion batteries, which are more eco-friendly than lead acid batteries – adding even more enjoyment for you and your guests!


With the assistance of specialized boat rental companies, you can customize your electric boat adventure to meet your specific needs. They provide catering options, professional photography services, and onboard entertainment, such as live music. Furthermore, these companies may also offer custom-made decorations or additional safety equipment – making your experience on the water even more unforgettable!

Electric boats offer another advantage over their motorized counterparts: their quiet operation makes them ideal for those seeking peace while exploring nature without being disturbed by engine noise. Furthermore, their lack of engine sound makes them excellent choices for bird watchers who wish not to scare away any wildlife from enjoying nature without fear.

Duffy electric boats can accommodate up to 12 people comfortably and feature comfortable seating, a stereo system, and an onboard speaker system. You can choose a theme for your party onboard the Duffy boat, such as nautical, tropical paradise, or vintage decor, and for an added memorable experience, Electrified Marina offers food and beverage packages to make sure that it remains an unforgettable experience!


Electric Duffy boats provide an eco-friendly, cozy environment for up to eight passengers. Furthermore, you can customize your experience by customizing water activities to match your interests – helping create lasting memories with friends and family while relaxing and de-stressing simultaneously!

Are you searching for a luxurious way to explore Newport Beach Harbor? An electric boat rental may be just what’s necessary. With comfortable seating and shade provided by their canopy top, Duffy electric boats provide the ideal vessel for an enjoyable day on the water.

Be it an anniversary celebration or romantic getaway; an electric boat rental is the ideal way to commemorate any special event or milestone. Upgrade your boat with plush seating and amenities for added comfort and experience, or take advantage of one of many rental companies’ additional services, such as catering or onboard entertainment, to enhance the trip even further.

Fun water activities

If you plan on renting an electric boat, be sure to partner with an established and renowned company that prioritizes quality service and customer support and maintenance teams that respond swiftly in order to guarantee an enjoyable sailing experience.

An electric boat offers numerous advantages, with its quiet engine producing less noise than gas-powered vessels and offering you the chance to explore without disturbing wildlife. These boats offer an unforgettable experience while creating lasting memories between friends and family alike.

Electric boat rentals allow you to tailor your experience according to your individual preferences and personality. From anniversary parties, birthday celebrations, and relaxing getaways – to just plain having fun – electric boat rentals allow you to craft an experience tailored just for you! From decorations, amenities, and special services to decorations of your design – electric boat rentals make unforgettable experiences that leave indelible memories that you will treasure for years. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure on the water now by entering your location and date into our search tool to view electric boats available for rent!

Additional services

Many boat rental services provide additional services that enable guests to tailor their experience on the water. Some offer guided tours of a local lake or scenic river, while others provide fun water activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and more – providing an excellent opportunity to connect with nature while creating lasting memories with family and friends. These services offer guests a chance to customize their boating adventures.

Duffy Electric Boat rentals provide an intimate boat rental experience, making the Newport Beach Harbor accessible with beautiful waterfront homes, marine life, and stunning scenery all within reach. Plus, visit Balboa Island or Lido Marina Village on one of these boats!

Apart from offering an enjoyable and eco-friendly boating experience, these companies also have an outstanding track record when it comes to customer service. Their responsive and supportive customer service teams make finding your ideal boat easier, while their network of USCG-licensed captains ensures everyone enjoys a safe and memorable journey.

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