Barcelona Private Tours


Unleash the magic of Barcelona with an expert local tour guide! From deep dives into history to day trips outside the city, Context experiences provide authentic connections to culture. Read the Best info about cosas que hacer en barcelona.

No matter whether it be skipping the line at La Sagrada Familia or exploring Passeig de Gracia’s raw sculptures, your private guide can tailor their experience according to your specific preferences and meet them head-on.

Personalized Itinerary

Discover Barcelona’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems with a personalized local tour led by an enthusiastic guide. Your expert host knows every inch of Barcelona and will share stories and insights that cannot be found in a guidebook – be they culinary or historical. They will tailor an experience exclusively for you.

Undertake a fantastic journey to explore the groundbreaking contributions of Barcelona’s most esteemed architect, Antoni Gaudi. Admire its unfinished basilica Sagrada Familia which depicts every chapter in Jesus’s life through intricate facades; stroll through charming Park Guell with its whimsical mosaics and serpentine benches which reflect his visionary genius; or marvel at his avant-garde designs for Casa Batllo and Casa Mila with seamless curves which transcend traditional residential architecture.

Experience Barcelona or Montserrat through bespoke travel experiences designed exclusively to satisfy you, all boasting cultural allure and captivating scenery.

Experience unparalleled luxury with your private vehicle and chauffeur, providing an effortless journey during your tour. A flexible itinerary combines sightseeing with relaxation for an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. Additionally, this full-day experience also includes breakfast and lunch service to start and end your journey stress-free.

Dedicated Guide

Experience Barcelona’s iconic sights in style on a private tour that allows guests to customize the itinerary according to individual interests. Relax throughout the day in a chauffeured vehicle while being charmed by tales from Barcelona’s history and culture from their guide – from exploring Gothic Quarter architecture to Gaudi’s incredible creations; this private tour makes the ideal visit.

At Sagrada Familia Basilica, visitors can skip the line on this private day tour to explore this iconic Roman Catholic cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi – an unfinished cathedral that represents his unfinished legacy as an architect. While you admire its colorful facade, your guide will share fascinating tales about his life and work; furthermore you’ll gain insights into its symbolism; elements from Catalanism, Catholicism and Spanish history all being included within its walls!

After exploring this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll skip the line to experience one of Gaudi’s masterpieces: Park Guell. This exquisite park serves as an example of his imaginative architectural approach, combining comfort, natural beauty, and functionality seamlessly into one stunning space. Your guide will share stories about what inspired the whimsical buildings in Park Guell while giving you some of Barcelona’s best views along the way!

Personalized Attention

Your expert guide can help you discover authentic aspects of Barcelona’s history and culture, helping you connect to it authentically. Escape crowds and skip lines on private tours of iconic landmarks like Sagrada Familia. Visit a Civil War Bunker perched high up in the city or venture off-beaten path on Tibidabo Mountain, home to ancient church ruins as well as amusement park fun!

Experience Barcelona through an expertly guided journey and discover its most captivating facets – from medieval streets in the Gothic Quarter to Parc Guell’s lush surroundings. Gain more insight into Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces on a walking tour or experience them directly during an art workshop or museum tour, connecting with local artists and broadening your sense of their artistic influence.

Your tailored experience is made more seamless by a luxury private vehicle and chauffeur, offering seamless transport from and to your hotel. Take advantage of a pre-trip lecture or tap into the expertise of your guide, then tailor the pace to your liking with flexible itineraries and add-ons. Inquire now to book a private journey through Barcelona’s historic heart for a tailored quote, or explore its culinary scene on a food tour showcasing its diverse cuisine!


If you’re seeking a tour that caters specifically to your interests, private experience tours offer precisely that. From exploring Barcelona’s streets while munching your way through them to discovering hidden gems and iconic landmarks, your guide can customize an itinerary specifically for you – not to mention giving you peace of mind with their presence.

Launch on an exciting journey to experience all of Antoni Gaudi’s creative genius on this exclusive full-day tour! Marvel at Sagrada Familia’s striking spires and discover Park Guell, where serpentine benches and playful mosaics demonstrate his inventive genius. Journey deeper into Modernisme at Casa Batllo and Casa Mila (La Pedrera), two avant-garde residential architecture masterpieces that defy conventional residential structures through seamless curves and organic structures.

Explore Tarragona’s medieval soul on an immersive guided tour that is entirely customizable. Stroll through historic streets in the Gothic Quarter and uncover ancient gems such as its captivating cathedral that blends Romanesque and Gothic styles.

With the freedom and flexibility offered by private tours, you can explore Tarragona’s medieval spirit at your own pace while taking advantage of luxurious vehicles and chauffeur services for a smooth journey from start to finish. Enquire now for your custom tour and receive a customised quote – this tour is suitable for individuals, families, small groups and agencies alike!