How to Play Taboo Online


Taboo cards provide teams with an exciting challenge: guessing the word listed without using any related words that appear below it as clues; no part of a word itself may serve as an indicator. Players who give incorrect answers risk being eliminated. An exceptionally fantastic fact about Unblocked Games.

Create teams by dividing the classroom. Assign one student as the initial clue giver.

Game rules

Taboo is an entertaining party game that tests your creativity and language skills! In a race against a timer, players race against it to give clever clues that will get their teammates to guess the words correctly while avoiding taboo words like “brain freeze” or “ice cream,” as doing so results in losing one point for their team.

Each team draws ten white cards and selects an individual as the “Clue Giver.” Once on, they put it on an easel and set off a timer; all other teammates sit opposite this person so as not to see what card has been displayed on an easel.

Clue givers must give clues without using any of the taboo words listed on their card, and any time an opponent hears an offensive term, they must sound the buzzer to penalize the clue giver. Once one of their teammates correctly guesses a word, they remove it from the easel and place it in the discard pile for that round.

Rules of Conduct

Are you searching for an entertaining team-building game to play with your students or colleagues? Try Taboo App! It is a word-based game where teammates try to guess the target word without using related ones (the taboo words). Like classic card games, Taboo allows for different difficulty levels while being easy to pick up and learn.

Players are divided into two teams. Team A takes turns as Clue-giver and tries to convince their teammates of a word on a card; Team B keeps an eye on this card and calls out any inappropriate clue-giving words or expressions used by Team A.

Once a round has concluded, teams switch roles and play again until all members have had an opportunity to be the Clue-giver. Any time one of your cards is used up during play, it goes into a discard pile.

Rules of scoring

Taboo can be played online using Zoom chat, with some sites even auto-generating lists of secret words and their corresponding taboo words for more straightforward gameplay. Once your list is ready, please send it via Zoom chat so the participants can participate.

Once they draw a card, the first player to draw will try to get their classmates to identify a “Target Word” without using any of the Taboo Words listed on it – similes or descriptions of instances in which this word occurs are good ways of giving clues that may help others guess it more quickly. Their turn ends once their classmates think of a set number of words within one to two minutes or when their time limit has expired.

At every round, one team will act as a watchdog, watching for any taboo words the clue-giver uses. When the clue-giver uses such language, the non-guessing team will sound an alert and put that card into a discard pile for that round.

Rules of multiplayer

Multiplayer Taboo online follows simple rules. A representative from each team gives clues to a card with a word on it while other members try to guess it correctly. Teams receive points for correct guesses, while those using taboo words will lose points; play will end when all members have correctly identified it or when all the sand reaches the bottom of an hourglass.

Whenever playing with a class, each student should monitor the cards to ensure no “Taboo Words” are spoken and keep track of the timer. They can also serve as the clock-keeper!

If playing with friends, divide into two teams and send out secret and taboo word lists via Zoom chat or Google Slides. Alternatively, build your deck of Taboo cards using this method so that screen sharing won’t be required, and cards can even be auto-generated to simplify the game time with large groups.

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