How to Save Money While Having a Professional Water Garden Installed


DIY pond kits and water garden installations might help you save a lot of money. Professional liner pond installation by landscapers might cost several thousand dollars. Even the materials the landscapers give you are overpriced. Instead of paying the total price, why not stock up on the materials online? Now that everyone can access the same information as landscapers, you can shop at the same prices. To cut costs even further, if you have the time and the help of some friends and family, you can do the installation yourself.

Getting Your Supplies

Planning out the space is the first step in creating a water garden in your backyard. Look around your property and pick a spot for the pond where you can see it from your decks and windows. You can outline your pond on the grass by using a garden hose. Try it out for a few days and see how it interacts with the sun and the slope of your yard. Get your thoughts down on paper first and foremost.

Once you plan your pond layout, you can start thinking about what supplies you’ll need. Make a list of everything you need using your design as a guide. Is a waterfall necessary? To what extent do you wish for your pond to be tiered? Do you desire a brook that flows into a larger pond? Would you be willing to get more filtration for your fish? What strategy do you have in mind for pond landscaping? Do you need lights installed in a fish tank? Do you require a powerful pump?

After finalizing your list of needed supplies, looking online for prefabricated pond kits can be the most cost-effective next step. Most pond kits come with all the essentials for constructing a pond, saving you time and money. When you buy a pond kit, you eliminate the guesswork and potential disaster that can come from buying equipment that is the wrong size. Is it possible to return a slit sheet of liner? In the case of a pump, after being filled with water. Have fun convincing a store that it was intended to look like that!

Putting in a Pond

After getting your pond kit, you may need to make further stops at garden centers and hardware stores to complete your purchase. Remember that Algreen Products provides what is widely considered the best complete pond kit on the market. They’re cheaper than comparable kits because they contain everything you need, unlike those that need you to buy additional filtration and lighting at the total retail price. Their expert pond kits have everything you need to build a pond from scratch, including the liner, underlay, skimmer, bio falls filter, charcoal, mechanical and biological filtration media, waterfall pump, lights, tubing, and construction materials.

After collecting all the necessary components, the next step is to round up some pals and begin digging. A backhoe rental may be necessary at this point for more substantial ponds. Make sure the excavation is dug to the exact specifications of your blueprint. The fall filter cavity should be dug out close to the uppermost pond tier, and the skimmer cavity should be dug out on the opposite side of the pond.

The skimmer box, with its drainage hole pointing toward the pond, can be positioned in the dug-out area once the excavation is finished. Ensure the skimmer’s mouth is at least 1 inch above the desired water level. Check that the skimmer is stable and level. The fall filter must be installed in the pond’s far-end hole.

Before putting the pond liner, cover the entire pond area with an underlayment that extends over the pond shelf and tucks into pleats to follow the pond’s contours. Use the 45-mil pond liner to cover the fabric. A minor tear can produce a leak, so take care. Stones can be used to press down on the pond liner right in the middle of the pond. Avoid folding or pleating the liner too much, as this can form crevices where dirt and debris can become trapped. Seaming tape can prevent dust and dirt from getting trapped in the folds. Make enormous triangles with each fold, then use seam tape to keep them together. A fold can become less noticeable, debris-free, and fish-free if the fold is sealed. Skimmers often have a square or rectangular aperture, so you’ll want to cut a hole in the pond liner that’s just a little smaller. Use PVC tape to seal the hole in the pond liner and connect it to the skimmer.

The majority of the pond construction is finished. The final steps are to add water to the pond and fill in the surrounding area with topsoil. The landscaping of the pond may now begin.

Instead of hiring a gardener to build your pond, you can save money by doing it yourself. Since landscapers typically mark up materials, you may expect to spend more for them immediately. DIY pond kits, like the ones sold by Walgreens, can be purchased online at a substantial discount. You can even finish the installation yourself if you’re feeling particularly daring.

You’ve just created your first official water garden, so congrats!

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