Journey to Self Awareness : Discover What’s Really Involved with Being Self-Aware


Self Attention is the ability to know oneself in such a way as to remove just about all doubt about who and what these are. In simple terms, this means that once you know all the good and bad, each of the strengths and weaknesses, you certainly are self-aware. However, hardly any things in life are that easy. There is a journey that must take place on the way to becoming Self Mindful; that is what we will speak about here.

Before we commence, we have to lay down some footings. The first thing we will do will be to help you separate “True Responsibility” from “The Yoke regarding Responsibility.”

True Responsibility: This is just what truly must be done in an attempt to take care of you and thus manage to grow and evolve. Listed here are things like eating, resting, and so on. In short, they are all the needs you have to live a truly amazing life. These need not stop at the basics; they also range from the more complex needs, such as companionship, joy, etc.

The particular Yoke of Responsibility: The particular Yoke is anything we all convince ourselves we must perform even though we don’t wish to. This is working at a work you don’t want to because you must pay the rent, for example. This can be a flawed idea because there are numerous jobs, and not each is the same. The yoke may also be small, like having to clean your room because Mother said so thoroughly. This as well, is a yoke. And the Yoke only drains energy; it may never increase it, which is the energy we need to be Self Aware of.

There is nothing in this world reduced and dried like over-explanation, so we need to clarify one step further. Correct responsibility is living your daily life for you, whereas the Yoke is living for other people. Many people starting on the voyage feel that living life for themselves is usually Selfish, and the reason for that is the fault we have a flawed thought of that word.

“Selfishness” is usually when someone gets insane because you do not include these people in whatever you’re undertaking and feel left out; that makes you who are egocentric. The reality, of course, is that they are the Selfish ones.

This is important since it puts applies Selfishness where it is connected. True selfishness is if you deliberately choose something that hurts others to have it for yourself. For instance, if you take something from a shop because they have so much, that is true Selfishness.

To live life, we must do everything for ourselves. This is not to express that we can not help but do things for others; it simply implies that the reason behind doing it must be one from which we benefit. In other words…


In every situation, there exists a Why, and as long currently to your benefit, you will be performing it for the right reason. For instance, if you help someone shift because they made you feel responsible, you lose. However, if you have been bored and it gives you something to do, then you win. The truth is that when you do things “for” others, it can very easily turn out to be something you do “to” other people, making life more difficult.

The reality is that we all possess a natural reserve of energy, the power to cope with things. When energy gets low, we cannot cope with as many points. How many people know parents who else snap at their children intended for looking at them the wrong way, who have freaked out because their children built milk on the table? I am sure many have seen parents in a nearby mall snap and lash out and about at their children. The reason for it is simple, their natural levels of energy are so low that they merely can not deal with anything. The low levels ended up being that they were so hectic doing everything “for” their own kids, and they were getting nothing again in their heads.

Many people have heard the term “And this is how you repay us? ” The reason for this is they own set up a scale, during one side they see most they thing they did “for” others, and on the other area all they got back. The web that the scale is miss-labeled. When you do things “for” other people who have not asked for assistance or need help, the reality is a person did them “to” all of them, and what that means is that you made it happen “for” you and they truly had nothing to do by using it. Thus, a person took something away from all of them to help themselves.

Remember, the actual definition of Selfish is whenever you hurt someone to do on your own. That is what has occurred here; someone was, therefore, selfish that they Rammed their help down someone else’s tonsils to get something else back. Which something most likely respect, love, or some other emotional reaction.

So what happens on the range is that all the things labeled “done for others” actually scan “taken from others,” and the stuff labeled “gotten in return” is truly “given of myself.” And as this is all going on, the energy to handle lowers and lowers as well as lowers. This is because they are, therefore, busy looking at how small they have gotten in return for all of the “wonderful” things they have carried out, and as a result, since they truly do nothing, it destroys the power inside to compensate.

If you do everything for yourself, with the best of objectives, and do the work to the best of your ability, you will in no way deplete your internal power. When we are honest and correct, we are open; when we are open up, energy can flow openly and thus replace all that we now have removed. This is not to say that everything will always work out to get the best; it simply means that you are doing this for the right reason and, therefore, never sell your spirit. And the more open and honest we are, the more power will flow. And after everything, this is about training you on how to use energy to boost your own life and support and heal all those around you. This kind of foundation is the single most important a single taught. It is from here that everything else expands.

However, you must also understand that to be able to be open along with honest means you have to be smart and honest with yourself. That could take time and dedication. It is rather easy to say we are fine people, caring and trustworthy. However, if you curse and swear at other owners who cut you off, lie to avoid getting into trouble, and turn the back on those down on their luck, then you can not be a good, caring, honest individual. You contradicted all of those and lied to yourself to do so.

That means you have to go into and face all your fears as well as your ego-driven values. And when that happens, you will never be able to call yourself a good, nurturing, honest, compassionate individual and have it mean anything at all. Well, till you turn out to be them and do them about reality, that is. It is important to remember that almost all things you see because negative inside of you are not negative in and of their selves. They are positive things becoming utilized negatively.

For example, I and “Self Righteous” and “Arrogant,” if I could use them in a negative approach, I would take this information and ram it down my current throat, use it to make me exist and conform to a new way regarding thinking. However, I know these things and use them with pride. What I do will offer you the opportunity to learn everyday things in a way that gives you the decision of what to do with and help to guide you on the right path for YOU. But I am still using our “Self Righteousness” and “Arrogance” to do all that, except I have a positive way of doing that.

That is the real goal regarding Self Discovery; then, items inside of you will always be there; the key is to know them, take them and find positive approaches to use them. If we do that, almost everything is put into proper view, we will do things for any right reasons and available natural energy to cope boosts and grow stronger. When that happens, life begins to work as a wondrous thing, not a responsibility. However, it takes time and energy, and that is the Road to Home Discovery we are now about to discuss.

There are a couple of basic paths on the road: the path connected with reality and the path connected with illusion. As the status of the name one is real, the other false. However, you need to know them equally.

Illusionary Road to Home Discovery:

[Garden of Eden]–> [Hell with Earth]–> [Barely Tolerable]–> [Moderately Tolerable]–> [Life is Good]–> [True Heaven on Earth. ]

Garden of Eden: The following “Ignorance is Bliss.” This means it is very easy to blame competition for everything. Persons here are “sheep”; they abide by but never lead. They just don’t want responsibility because it means they must be responsible, and that’s not acceptable. Those in this article coast through life and let it happen.
Hell regarding Earth: This is the hardest segment to live through, for it genuinely seems like “Hell on Earth.” This is because it is quite simple to feel like everything has become your fault. From never taking any responsibility to being able to take only a small amount appears to be way too much and, as such, can become overcome by the tiny responsibility this description now must accept.
Barely Bearable: This is only slightly better than Heck. Responsibility seems slightly more bearable, and indeed many become more ready to step up to the plate and take responsibility, at least provided that they don’t feel they will enter into trouble if they do.
Relatively Tolerable: This is where life will begin to feel better, and liability slowly starts to take on an increasingly reasonable role. In other words, liability is now, in part, a good thing; it can no longer be a complete burden. The following people will step up to the plate, especially if popularity or praise is involved. This included even if they enter trouble. “honesty is the best policy” starts to have meaning only at that level.
Life is Good: It is a great place to be. These here understand the truth concerning responsibility and happily bring it in stride and do not “pass the buck” Many in this article seem to have a good understanding of reality and indeed manage to have a good idea of what and who they are.
True Heaven on the planet: This is where people truly exceed. They understand themselves quite a lot; responsibility is understandable in addition to being used correctly. Those around these people think they have all their act together and should head out far in the world.
However, take into account that this is the illusion of the vacation. Responsibility is a very important component of being Self Aware, but it surely is by no means the key. The downside of this illusion is it is easy to leave the key elements of Self Awareness guiding. As you can see from the above explanation connected with responsibility, there is a transfer from the Yoke of Liability to True Responsibility. On the other hand, not much else is included with the illusion, which is why things missing are very challenging to deal with and accept. Therefore, you will still need to learn, deal with all the bad and the good, and put it into proper perspective.

True Road for you to Self Awareness:

[Garden involving Eden]–> [Somewhat Tolerable]–> [Moderately Tolerable]–> [Life is Good]–> [Life is Wonderful]–> [True Heaven that is known. ]

Garden of Eden: Here, “Ignorance is Bliss,” the same as in the Illusion. Bar that here deep along; you know this is true “Hell on Earth.”
Somewhat Endurable: At this stage, life is not Terrible, but neither is it great. This is still one of the toughest areas to live through. Nevertheless, that is because you only have a little of the tools and knowledge required to grow and evolve. Right here, most people begin to deal with the area baggage, realize they are not as effective as they think, yet still get discovered up in their BS. The obligation is still a burden. However, it has several benefits, and thus it is used from time to time.
Moderately Bearable: We realize that we are still filled with BS at this stage. However, we are willing to shift beyond it, at least within the areas that are not too unpleasant. Most people at this stage have developed several tools to deal with life and, from time to time, jump into living head first. However, the majority at this stage are still not happy to risk everything; it is easy to experience being open and exposed. Therefore, they try to protect themselves more than is needed.

A lot more Good: Here is where issues shift for the better. The tools intended for living life are well developed. The concept “others can hurt you” begin to fade, the conclusion that only what you “let” some others do to you can influence you. Responsibility is an outdated friend at this point and is inclined and able to put issues into their proper perspective. The single thing missing here is that we have some very deeply started ideas and patterns that once in a while rear up and acquire in the way. However, this is okay since they’re being worked on slowly.

A lot more Wonderful: At this stage of advancement, “Life is indeed Wonderful” is because you have finally grasped the true meaning of life: “Life is what you make of it.” You have the resources to deal with anything that comes your way, and not much can bring you along. The resources for a living are generally massive, and the tools you possess are well above average.
Correct Heaven on Earth: There is a small difference between Wonderful as well as Heaven, save that within Heaven, there is nothing that can impact you, not even the demise of loved ones. Life is what it was meant to be; everything is seen for what it truly is. Right here, life is beyond measure.

Now that you might have this basic outline, you also have to know that it must be completely possible for each area of growth and advancement to be on a different route and, indeed, on different areas from the path. That is all part of becoming Self Aware. You will need to face all your fears and force them into their proper place. You will need to confront all the “bad” points inside of yourself and accept them, for they will be utilized no matter what; the difference is if they may be used to better yourself and others or harm them.

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