Keep Your Cat Safe With a Cat GPS Tracker Collar


An affordable cat GPS tracker collar can be the key to keeping your furry friend safe. These trackers work all around the globe and can help you locate your feline within minutes! Select the best gps tracker for car.

This lightweight GPS tracker designed specifically for outdoor cats is comfortable and durable. Additionally, its real-time location tracking updates every two to three seconds for accurate time monitoring of felines.

Easy to set up

Cat GPS trackers have become an increasingly popular way for pet parents to keep tabs on their furry companions. Available either as clip-on accessories or built into cat collars and usually requiring only an internet connection to set up, these real-time trackers allow owners to monitor where their cats go in real-time – even moving through different rooms within your house or outside! Plus, they come equipped with features like light alarms or lights, which make finding lost cats much simpler!

People may worry about their cats’ tracking devices being secure, but most companies take security seriously and offer encryption and other features to protect your data. Reviews also note how easy the setup process was for these cat GPS trackers – an essential factor for busy parents!

This Tracker utilizes both GPS and Bluetooth technology to keep an eye on your cat, but also works in Bluetooth mode if necessary, making it possible to instantly “ring” their collar if it approaches home or your phone – ideal for cats that suddenly appear from unexpected places or have removed themselves of their collar for the day! Furthermore, this device makes an excellent addition for families with multiple pets.

The Tractive GPS Tracker for cats weighs less than 4 kg and fits snugly onto any existing collar. You can adjust its size accordingly to accommodate the Tracker, using its included Sizing Chart to find an optimal fit.

This popular pet tracker is made of silicone and boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating to withstand splashes of water or rain without making it uncomfortable for your cat to wear it on his neck. Attaching to their collar is simple while tracking activity levels, calories burned, and sleep monitoring, as well as fitness goals. Leaderboards and statistics folder provide insight into your feline’s activity!

Simple to use

A cat GPS tracker makes it possible to keep tabs on your pet no matter where they go, which can be especially helpful if they lead an outdoor lifestyle. A tracking device like this one could assist in finding them quickly in any life-threatening situation – such as being attacked by other animals, coming into contact with toxic plants, or being hit by a vehicle – giving you peace of mind that your cat remains safe when away from home.

Many GPS cat trackers require monthly or yearly subscription fees and often cost extra for collars themselves, so it is essential that when making this choice for your cat, it takes into account all associated expenses in order to make an informed decision that is right for both them and you. Luckily, there are numerous affordable solutions available for pet parents looking to monitor their cats.

Tractive offers one of the top cat GPS trackers, using both cellular and Bluetooth technology for live tracking on your smartphone. It boasts up to 7 days of battery life, is shareable across platforms (even those without a Tractive account), and a virtual fence alerts you when your cat leaves designated areas and lets you create virtual fences to track where she goes.

Contrary to other GPS products with fixed locations, this tracking device utilizes the same GPS technology found in cars and smartphones – this makes it more accurate and easier to use in dense urban areas. It has low power consumption and is waterproof! Additionally, its waterproof casing ensures reliability.

The Tracker features a credit-card-sized design, making it easily attachable to collars or headbands and harnesses. Plus, its breakaway mechanism prevents your cat from pulling off of it! You can also create geofences to alert you if they leave specific zones.

Easy to locate

With a cat GPS tracker collar, you can easily find your lost pet. Many models feature advanced GPS that relay signals back to your smartphone from miles away. In addition, these collars allow you to set safe zones and monitor activity; some even act as fitness trackers by reporting calories burned per day or hours of rest per day.

GPS trackers could be the ideal solution for cats that love to explore. Easy to install and with various features to assist in keeping tabs on them, these trackers offer peace of mind when keeping an eye on felines who like wandering off on their own. It is also suitable for households with multiple cats, as you can monitor each animal separately.

Although most cat GPS trackers are designed for outdoor use, you can also utilize them inside your home and yard. Some models include rechargeable batteries to track down your pet when they aren’t visible easily – these trackers also boast waterproof designs with long battery lives, so they’re perfect for use no matter the climate!

Some cat GPS trackers also include the geofence feature, which allows you to set a virtual boundary around your house and alerts you when your cat crosses that boundary, allowing you to locate them quickly and safely. They also provide an accurate live map showing their current position for real-time monitoring of your cat’s whereabouts.

These devices can be beneficial for parents of outdoor cats but can be more challenging to use with indoor cats due to RF devices requiring line-of-sight, thus not detecting cats hidden among bushes across the street or being affected by interference from nearby devices.

Bluetooth trackers offer another alternative to GPS cat trackers. These compact devices attach directly to a pet’s collar for added peace of mind for pet parents. Popular options like Tile and Apple AirTag can even work with most smartphones; however, due to not featuring GPS technology, they may be less effective in monitoring outdoor pets.

Long battery life

A cat GPS tracker collar is an effective way of monitoring your feline friend. With updates every 2-60 minutes and real-time activity monitoring capabilities, it keeps tabs on them in real-time and alerts them when they leave or enter designated zones. Plus, it comes equipped with safe zones/danger zones functionality, allowing for safer or riskier environments to be set and alert when your cat enters or leaves any of them!

As much as cats love exploring outdoors, they can get lost easily. Even indoor-only cats may accidentally wander out the front door and hop into a neighbor’s van or garage – this makes having a GPS cat collar an invaluable solution to ensure you always know where your feline friend is and when they will return home safely.

GPS tracking devices use lithium batteries that need to be recharged regularly; some only last several days or weeks before their batteries drain entirely – not ideal when tracking outdoor cats who may vanish without a trace in an instant! Luckily, many devices provide WiFi connectivity, so you can connect to your home network and follow them from there.

Consider investing in a Bluetooth tracker as another solution. These tiny devices work by sending signals between your phone and the tracker device, which emits beeping sounds to help locate it. Unfortunately, these require line-of-sight so that they won’t work anywhere other than around your house or garden.

If you’re in search of a GPS tracker with exceptional battery life, look no further than the Tractive Waterproof Cat Tracker. Explicitly designed to be waterproof and lightweight for cats, this small Tracker won our tests without being in any way bulky, pending their movements, or hindering progress. The slim design won’t obstruct or slow your feline friend down either!

The Tracki GPS tracker boasts a rechargeable battery with up to five days of real-time tracking every 1-5 minutes or 30-75 days, with tracking occurring 1-3 times daily in battery save mode. Its compact size and sleek design make it suitable for monitoring pets, children, equipment, or valuables. Plus, its app provides useful features like live tracking, battery status indicators, and customizable widgets!

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