One Piece Manga Characters – Jolly Roger, Arlong, Blackbeard, Kuja, and Buggy


One Piece is an animated pirate manga with Saturday morning cartoon-esque elements. However, it also contains heavy themes and violence, so it isn’t suitable for younger viewers. What do you need to consider about one piece jolly roger.

The Jolly Roger is a flag that distinguishes one pirate crew from others and also represents its theme—for instance, in the Straw Hat Pirates’ case, it features a skull-wearing Luffy’s straw hat!

Arlong Pirates

Arlong is a very selfish and greedy pirate, yet he does possess some admirable traits. For instance, he never breaks deals, keeps any promises he makes, and understands how best to spend any stolen funds he acquires.

He uses his jolly roger to distinguish himself and his crew from others, even employing it when fighting Luffy.

The Heart Pirates’ jolly roger features a smiley on a ship’s helm—this design stands out much better than traditional skull-and-bones flags used by other pirate crews. Eustass Kid’s jolly Roger also stands out, featuring flame-like hair with coolers/ glasses on top. Inspired by punk rock culture, Eustass Kid is one of the most well-known pirates from this series, and his unique jolly roger effectively reflects who he is as well.

Blackbeard Pirates

The Blackbeard Pirates are an infamous pirate fleet in One Piece led by Marshall D. Teach (more commonly known by his nickname Blackbeard). These villains represent secondary antagonists to the plot while boasting some of the most vital members among pirate crews; their members possess many forms of martial arts techniques, such as multiple forms of haki.

Blackbeard was among their original members, along with Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, and Doc Q. However, during the Impel Down Arc, they gained five new recruits, including Kuzan, a former Marine Admiral.

The Blackbeard Pirates are unique in that they possess two Devil Fruit users. Kuzan is especially formidable, possessing both tide control ability and immense strength to overpower his fellow Blackbeard Pirates easily; even breaking an enormous tree apart with ease is nothing compared to his abilities, hence making the Blackbeard Pirates some of the most fearsome pirates around.

Buggy Pirates

Buggy was once part of the Roger Pirates, though never as adept. He made his mark by using his reputation to his advantage during the Marineford Summit War and has become very powerful since.

He intends to overthrow Luffy and the two Emperors (Shanks and Blackbeard) and become a world warlord himself, using his Devil Fruit-enhanced endurance and resilience.

His Jolly Roger features the standard skull-and-crossbones motif with an added red nose and smaller crossbones to represent him, along with an edgy mustache to represent his cold and ruthless character. Additionally, its Devil Fruit allows him to endure massive Muggy Ball explosions without suffering severe harm.

Kuja Pirates

The Kuja Pirates are an all-female pirate crew from Amazon Lily led by Boa Hancock, former Empress and now one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. She is known for being extremely strong while possessing considerable proficiency with Haki. Hancock also makes everyone laugh with her vulgar laugh, which causes unrest within their ranks.

Sandersonia and Marigold are also members of the Kuja Pirates. Hancock signed a treaty with the World Government to protect Amazon Lily; however, doing so required all Kuja members – whether or not previously classified as pirates – to now be classified as such.

The Kuja’s Jolly Roger features a small skull without jawbones or crossbones and nine snakes curving to the right from behind it, emerging from behind it and emerging through its backside. These serpents can assume different forms and track people or objects.

Whitebeard Pirates

Whitebeard Pirates are among the world’s most potent crews. After Gol D Roger died, Whitebeard quickly rose in both achievements and bounty to become his closest competitor; moreover, his wealth enabled him to provide support to poor nations of Asia, including the Sphinx itself.

The Whitebeard Pirates’ flag features an iconic skull-and-mustache symbol adorned with two vertically crossed bones. This symbol strikes fear into enemies while serving as a badge of honor for its higher-ranking members. Portgas D. Ace wears his Whitebeard symbol tattooed proudly upon his back as proof.

Whitebeard’s crew includes powerful division commanders, such as Emporio Ivankov and Buggy from Impel Down Prison; thus, they pose an extreme danger.

Heart Pirates

The Heart Pirates stand apart from many other pirate crews by not being comprised of brute force; rather, they consist of highly skilled individuals working together under Trafalgar Law’s leadership to form a formidable force on the seas. Through their collective skills and tactics, they are capable of defeating even powerful opponents.

The Polar Tang is their ship and exhibits impressive speed and maneuverability when submerged. It is also capable of passing through the Calm Belt without needing the support of the Kuja Pirates’ ship.

Heart Pirates’ jolly Rogers features a smiley, which could be taken as an allusion to Corazon and his desire for Law to remember him smiling. Additionally, it bears similarities to Donquixote Doflamingo but doesn’t contain a cancel sign across it.

Eustass Kid Pirates

Eustass Kid, known as Captain of the Kid Pirates in South Blue, was an infamous pirate from Worst Generation’s eleven “Supernova,” possessing one of their highest bounties – 315,000,000 Berries at Sabaody Archipelago when he arrived there.

He is a highly violent pirate who takes great offense to any who would mock him while at the same time being a glutton and food lover. Furthermore, he has no patience for the World Nobles and dislikes them as an entire group.

His most prominent features are his red-crimson hair, unique, protrusion-filled nose with no eyebrows, and dark-colored lips and fingernails. Additionally, he possesses the Devil Fruit Jiki Jiki no Mi, which allows him to form an enormous physique.

Spade Pirates

Ace led the Spade Pirates before they joined Whitebeard’s crew; they became his second crew, following Foxy Pirates earlier in the story.

Spade Pirates were an elite squad of pirates known for their excellent skills. Led by Ace, one of their captains managed to battle Jinbe for five days on equal terms without fear or looking backward. Furthermore, their crew does not hesitate to attack Whitebeard despite knowing that it outmatched them in order to save their captain, Ace.

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Beast Pirates

The Beast Pirates are the most potent pirate crew in One Piece. Led by Kaido and powered by his Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit to transform into an Eastern Dragon form, Kaido leads his troops with devastating force against all enemies they face.

King, Queen, and Jack make up Kaido’s crew, and each serves as his right-hand man. They boast some of the highest bounties (over 1 billion berries each). Additionally, these characters are All-Stars of their crew, which means that they possess superior rank, strength, and respect among all other members.

Their flag features an image of a skull between two intersecting crossbones, while their weapons include Seastone cannons, long-range cannons, biological weapons created by Queen, and Armament Haki weapons, which boast impressive physical strength and durability.

Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger is an iconic symbol used to differentiate pirate crews and symbolize their personalities while simultaneously representing their struggle against the World Government.

Edward Newgate, better known by his alias Whitebeard in One Piece history, was one of the most feared pirates ever. During his prime, he vied with Gol D. Roger for the title of Emperor of the Sea and battled him on numerous occasions – often coming out on top. Whitebeard became one of the strongest people ever and remains beloved among fans due to his unbreakable sense of brotherhood among his crewmates.

The Heart Pirates’ Jolly Roger is distinguished by a stylized heart with wings. This symbol represents their team’s extraordinary medical skills and steadfast commitment to their members. Eustass Kid’s Jolly Roger stands out among other designs with its flame-like hair and coolers/ glasses design, which are genuinely unique among other Jolly Rogers!