Setting up a Ram Truck with a New Eibach Lowering Kit


We are all aware that the auto industry’s goal is to create reliable vehicles that the ordinary person can purchase at a reasonable price. We fans, however, are not typical people. We clearly know what we need in a car and how to get it. We hope for prompt action, less body roll, high stability, and improved cornering prowess. And we’re after the look that comes with them: a more muscular, athletic, and squatted posture. That’s the result Eibach says its lowering kits can achieve. Eibach claims that you, the driver, will immediately notice improved handling and predictability. You won’t have to worry as much about the car diving forward under braking or rolling excessively in corners. According to Eibach, tracking stability and driver confidence are improved in all performance driving situations. We will lower a 2005 Ram pickup using an Eibach Pro-Kit to test if these claims hold water.

The Will to Win is Eibach North America’s motto, headquartered in Corona, California. “It’s the drive in all of us that makes us work harder, stay up later, and push harder,” explains Eibach. It drives us to give our all today and strive for improvement tomorrow. It’s the reason why our suspension parts are unparalleled in quality around the globe. This mentality enables Eibach to offer a Million Mile Warranty on all its products.

Our car will be lowered 1.4″ up front and 3.4″ in the back, thanks to our chosen Pro-Kit. That will help our Ram find a beautiful, even keel. Both front coil springs and rear leaf springs, and new rear mounting hardware are included. The waiting begins immediately after the order is placed, as always. We immediately begin organizing the installation party once the order arrives. To be clear, this is the first time our installers have ever put this kit on a vehicle of this model.

Change is coming from behind, so that’s where we’ll start. First, you must jack up the axle; then, you may remove the rear shocks. Carefully unbolt the stock leaf springs because they will be loaded. Start with the front bolt and remove the leaf springs to swap the saddles over. Please find the new Eibach spring, orient the label so it faces the back of the truck, and set it in place, front first, then back. Center the rear axle and ensure the hole for the centering pin is in the right spot. Install the new Eibach bump stops in place of the stock ones and make sure the axle is secure. Put the wheels back on and replace the tires. This is it; take off the jack and stand back in awe. Once the truck is flat, tighten the nuts holding the front and rear leaf springs in place. Wow! Now I know why Eibach is often considered one of the best aftermarket suspension manufacturers. After about an hour and fifteen minutes of work, the Ram is precisely 3″ lower in the back than before and looks great.

When we hit our first snag, we were eager to begin the front suspension assembly. It has stood the test of time because we all know better. We didn’t double-check the packaging before beginning, and now we’ve realized no front-end installation instructions. There is a sheet with warnings and precautions on it. However, there is no information about how to install the replacement spring. There are no downloadable PDF instructions on the Eibach website, and nobody here is willing to wait until tomorrow to call and have them faxed over. We decide to press on, hoping our prior knowledge will help us solve the problem. We remove the front tires and wheels and work on our research. All that remains is to clear the way. First,

disconnect the brake line from the caliper, then support the shock with a jack and remove it. Remove upper A-arm bolts and stabilizer bar nuts. Hold the A-arm and rotor away from the truck while you reach in and pull out the coil spring. Make that the new Eibach spring is seated correctly after replacing it. Get everything back together, double-check that it’s all snug, and flip it over to the other side. Finally, the jacks and tools can be put away, and we can stand back and take it all in. Amazing! We just gave this Ram a new coat of paint and a newfound swagger. It has taken us about three hours and $415.00 to complete the installation.

The next day, I called Eibach to get a copy of the front coil spring installation instructions specifically for this article. Not every application has written instructions, but what they do have is nearly as good. Eibach’s Tech Line, which may be reached at 1-800-507-2338, is staffed by real, live people. You can get comprehensive installation guidance between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST. If you enjoy the sense of pride that comes from a job well done on your own, go no further than Eibach for all the quality parts and expert guidance you need to have a fantastic installation party.

It’s time to test out our Ram’s handling. Let’s test out Eibach’s statements and see if they hold water. The quality of the components has already been confirmed to be satisfactory. We put a measuring tape on this slick-looking Ram and found that the front is 1.2 inches lower and the back is 3.1 inches lower than before. According to Eibach, the vehicle will settle slightly over the first week, so our height should be OK. Aesthetics are essential, but we must also know how well this vehicle drives and rides. Only the regular driver will have such first-hand knowledge. He confirms that Eibach’s statements about the enhanced handling and ride quality are factual. The truck handles corners better, the body roll is much decreased, and there is a general sense of increased stability. Does he also appreciate the freedom to roast the back tires whenever he wishes. a shift in the balance of power? Perhaps. His tires will need replacing soon.

He can get those and more at []., Renae Watkins’ employer, bills itself as “The Authority in Car and Truck Accessories.”

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