Top 5 Online Games For Kids


Online games for children can be an entertaining and educational way to keep them occupied while teaching essential life skills such as math and spelling. The Amazing fact about Unblocked Games.

Young kids aged four or above will enjoy this online game that challenges them to match shapes. Additionally, this will build their memory.

Dots and Boxes

This game, an advanced form of Tic-Tac-Toe, helps children develop geometric and logical aspects of math education – two areas often overlooked in school curricula.

Playing this game requires kids to be mindful about their next move before drawing a line, strengthening spatial skills that support other cognitive activities like mental visualization. Furthermore, this game helps kids understand how others think, equipping them to make better decisions.


Battleship can help children hone concentration and focus, rapidly absorb information, and apply it to future actions. Traditional and online board game versions allow children to practice these essential life skills.

Chibi Warships is also an excellent way for children to learn that honesty is paramount; should one accidentally strike one of the opponent’s ships, one should admit it even if that means losing the game, teaching children the value of honesty as always being the best policy.


Yahtzee, created by Milton Bradley (and later Hasbro), provides an enjoyable way to teach young players mathematics and numbers. Each player’s scorecard features 13 boxes divided into upper and lower sections for scoring purposes.

Yahtzee requires focus and concentration, with each roll of the dice creating unique combinations determining its score for that box. Achieving high scores can bring a sense of achievement.


Terraria is an action-adventure game featuring a procedurally generated world for exploration and creation, with hostile enemies and bosses to battle.

This game provides players access to an assortment of tools, weapons, and objects they can use to craft new items. Furthermore, various types of armor and vehicles are also in play.

The game features seasonal events based on actual holidays that occur at specific points throughout the year and can activate during certain moments in playback.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit comes in various versions for children and adults alike. Two popular versions include the Friends version, explicitly designed for young players, and the Nightmare Before Christmas version, recommended for 12 and over; younger children may also participate.

Scott Abbott and Chris Haney of Canada created the game. Since its creation, it has become popular worldwide and sold in 26 countries with 17 translations into 17 languages.

To win this game, players must collect wedges of all five colors and answer the final question correctly – which may prove difficult for competitive players!

Connect Four

Hasbro first released this timeless classic game in February 1974, and it features a grid featuring slots for four of each player’s color checkers to be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in any combination. Later variations such as Pop 10 and Power Up offered by Hasbro allowed players to use specially marked pieces that increase their chances of victory.

Occupational Therapy Advantages: Gathering up checker-like pieces and reaching to place them into their slots helps with fine motor control, strengthening upper extremity strength and range of motion while improving upper extremity muscle tone.

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