What to Look for in Landscape Lighting Contractors


Landscape lighting is an integral element of home design and significantly adds beauty, value, and usability to outdoor spaces. Additionally, it makes the property safer for residents, guests, and pets after dark. Find the best landscaping in San Jose.

Professional landscape lighting contractors can help you craft a personalized lighting plan to accentuate the features of your yard. Read on to gain more insight into selecting an ideal contractor.


Landscape lighting adds tremendous curb appeal and enhances outdoor living space after dark. Furthermore, landscape lighting increases safety and security as well as helps lower energy costs by lighting walkways, stairs, retaining walls, garden beds, or any other feature in your yard – such as trees. The right fixtures can illuminate walkways or stairs while also highlighting trees or other outdoor features of importance to you.

Finding the ideal contractor is critical to successfully installing your lighting system at home. Experienced installers know all about setting up various landscape lighting systems and will offer free consultation and site visits – they will listen carefully to your goals before providing suggestions for lighting options that best suit your home.

As well as being licensed, landscape lighting contractors should carry workers’ compensation and general liability insurance to protect themselves should an employee become injured on the job. California state law makes working without workers’ compensation illegal.

Landscape lights add an alluring nighttime ambiance to your pool area, creating the ideal atmosphere for swimming, entertaining guests, or simply relaxing with family and friends. Pool lights also improve safety by lighting up the water surface – there are various kinds of pool lights to choose from, such as recessed, underwater, or spotlights; be sure to select one according to your specific needs!


Landscape lighting contractors need the appropriate insurance policies in order to operate smoothly, such as workers’ compensation, general liability, and errors and omissions coverage. Not all policies provide similar coverage – understanding which policies exist will help avoid costly lawsuits while improving your bottom line.

Landscape lighting adds beauty and functionality to your property after sundown, increasing curb appeal while aiding guests in finding their way around your property. Furthermore, landscape lighting makes your outdoor living space usable 24/7 for dinners or parties hosted outdoors.

Professional landscape lighting contractors with appropriate training and certifications should be chosen carefully, as they will be able to design a lighting plan tailored specifically for your property and integrate the lights seamlessly into any overall building project. Furthermore, they should also be available to answer any queries regarding maintenance, safety, or energy efficiency that arise during their work.

Choose a landscape lighting contractor who is both bonded and insured to guarantee you receive top-quality service; if something goes wrong, they will compensate you through their insurance company – giving you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected in case something unexpected occurs.


Experienced landscape lighting contractors understand how to install quality systems that make your home both beautiful and safe at night. If you are considering hiring one, request to see their portfolio of work and ask any pertinent questions about how they intend to install lighting at your property. Also, please take a look at what others are saying about them on social media or their reviews page.

An excellent landscaping company should possess experience with both hardscaping and softscaping projects, creating designs consistent with your property’s overall landscape design. Furthermore, an expert landscape lighting designer may provide suggestions regarding the optimal placement of lights as well as which bulbs to use.

Another question you should pose to them is if they offer maintenance plans after installing lighting, as this can save on costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Consider hiring a landscape lighting designer who specializes solely in lighting design as part of their business. While other landscaping firms may provide lighting as an added service, you need someone who practices their trade every day and takes an interest in keeping up with innovative technology and techniques.


Professional landscape lighting contractors must possess an impeccable track record, be able to provide references from past clients, be up-to-date on industry trends, and be capable of suggesting specific fixtures that meet your project goals.

When selecting a landscape lighting company, seek advice from your friends and neighbors for recommendations of reliable companies with top-quality service and vital track records. Also, look for companies that are licensed and insured, as this will ensure that the contractors can perform their duties safely without endangering themselves or your property.

Landscape lighting contractors should use only professional-grade products when installing landscape lighting systems to ensure long-term performance. For instance, VOLT(r) products are made of brass or copper to resist corrosion over time compared to cheaper competitors’ aluminum fixtures, which rust more quickly.

Landscape lighting can add safety, beauty, and lifestyle to your home and outdoor living spaces. Not only can it increase its value when selling it, but studies show that houses with professionally installed landscape lighting are more appealing to potential buyers; lighting can also make your yard usable day and night, as well as create an inviting atmosphere for family members and guests.